Nightwork presents a portfolio of seven levigator lithographs that capture the seven stages of graining a stone with ever finer carborundum grit. The series has been printed by the artist in an edition of seven on Folio Grey Paper that matches the color of the original lithographic stone.  

Description of this experimental process: in "About Printmaking as Indirect Art"  

The series exploits the sludge patterns made by the levigator as it resurfaces the stone for the next image.

The prints are presented in a linen-bound portfolio and it includes the artist statement printed below.

Like the pattern of lines made by waves on a sandy beach, these images were destined to be erased. They exist for a flash as the artist spins the  levigator over the limestone surface, creating and destroying billowing landscapes with a swift curling of the disk. By the time that the stone achieves its blank ideal of a marless, scarless polish, the artist has witnessed the birth and death of a thousand gyrating worlds, a thousand heavens of wheeling stars. These too are creations, each apparition uniquely shaped by the speed of the spinning levigator, the size of the grit attacking the soft lime, and the amount of water flooding the stone. Though fugitive and evanescent, these images speak with a force all their own, whether destined to exist for posterity or not.  Indigenous to the lithographic process, they have remained hidden as private visions appearing only to the artist graining the stone.

Artist Statement