May to June, 2009

Pitch was born out of envy. Always true to itself, capable of reproducing the selfsame sounds, regardless of the circumstances, the tuning fork, transported into the visual world, became the source of inspiration for the series of Pitch. Plumes of smoke, broken tines, a world submerged and darkened. Rather than tranquility and selfsame identity, these works explore turmoil, the billowing of emotion, a scientific instrument at a loss among enveloping clouds of ink.

Ptich consisst of two series, each with 12 unique works:

• 12 lithocasts (facsimiles of a lithographic stone cast in wax) with the tuning fork embedded in its surface  

Size: 8.5” x 6”x 2.75”               

•12 monoprints on paper with the returning motif of swirling scars made by the levigator and grit on the plexi matrix. 

Printed on Rives BFK, Cream.

Size Monoprints: 15”x10”

All work in the series is one-of-a kind.